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Tips to learn better method Sitam  
Welcome to Sitam!  
The Sitam method gave you the material to create patterns of high precision, therefore, please carefully follow our advice.

Every student of Sitam is in possession of the book of the course of cutting and sewing, the Sitam square and the username to access the movies section of the lessons.

Besides the Sitam square there are other tools that you'll need: scissors, pencils, a ruler of 50 cm and an inch tape.

You can also access the "FAQ" section where you will find further explanations to adapt your model to the dictates of fashion.

Before starting each lesson, we recommend studying carefully the paragraph in the book and then watch the movie that will explain faithfully use of the square, how to easily perform each movement and thus how to create with precision the paper pattern.

It is very important to draw more possible classes of the same patterns of several measures taken for example from people close to you. You can cut and sew one model, all this for increasing familiarity and to stimulate the desire to make other models.

Our staff will be always at your disposal by e-mail

We wish you to progress satisfactorily in learning the material for study and thus begin your trip in the enchanted world of fashion!
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