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Sitam method

The Sitam Fashion School was created as an Italian method for pattern makers in 1946. In 2010 we started our online journey thinking about the people who work and are far from our offices.

The purpose of the method is to allow anyone who wants to enter the world of fashion design to draw high quality precise paper patterns using the patented template.
The method allows you to make tailor-made patterns from the size of one year up to size 58. Ours is a basic online pattern making course that is easy to follow and make.

  • Unique patent

  • Extended lessons specifications

  • Support and personal accompaniment

  • Online course at a customized pace

Online Courses


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Basic online pattern making course

Do you want to become a pattern maker following the course from home?

The Sitam method is unique for quickly, easily and accurately drawing paper patterns based on personal measurements and creations, an online course that can be followed during your free time and at your own pace. The course includes the patented Sitam template, the didactic book, the recorded video lessons and the help of our staff.

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