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Are you familiar with the SITAM method?
Do you know how to draw precise patterns in no-time?


Are you not enjoying the process of drawing cutting and sewing your clothes?
This is why you should choose the SITAM method.
Up until now, creating a pattern has been a complicated task so most people have been using ready-made pattern papers, but those require many adjustments and repairs, which is also very time consuming.
The SITAM method allows you to create precise paper patterns in no-time fitted to your own measurements. 
The combination of the video lessons, the book and our online assistance you will be able to make patterns of all sizes and for all ages.
We often give up learning because of lack of schools nearby, but from now on, you can become a pattern maker by studying from your own home on your own free time. 
You can watch the lessons at any time and as often as you wish.
Our program and patented template are modern, and are adapted to your needs.
While doing the course you can contact us personally for further explanations on the lesson you are learning, and get a personal response. 


Let's conclude the advantages of the SITAM method:
  • End for the long preparation times of the patterns.
  • End of endless fitting repairs.
  • No more ready-made patterns that are not really ready-made for your measurements.
  • You are able to learn from home on your own free time
  • If you are a seamstress, the cutting and tailoring times will be considerably shorter and the work will become more pleasant.
To demonstrate the simplicity of the method here is the Bodice lesson with illustrations.

Demonstration video
What I will get when I will enroll in the course?
  • You will receive the patented SITAM template, the book and access to the video library online lessons.
  • You will have our assistance until you complete the course. During that time you will be able to send photos of the patterns required by the program through WhatsApp which will be checked and corrected.
  • At the end of the course and the submission of all the patterns correctly, you will be entitled to the completion certificate.

About the patented sitam method

The history of fashion and tailoring of the garment development and production process has always revolved around the design of the model and in the development of the final pattern.

Today, in the clothing industry they use methods to design patterns not suitable for small production, the method is based on complicated calculations and a long development process that requires a lot of knowledge and experience, the method is long and cumbersome, sometimes frustrating and it takes many years of learning.

The Sitam method, born in Italy in 1946 and recognized by the European Designers' Association, allows a shortcut in designing paper patterns in a few minutes and with an incredible level of precision, even using personal measurements, without the need for complicated calculations. The process for drawing a pattern is very short.

The method is based on a template in which all the results of the formula calculations are already incorporated, and the pattern itself is carried out with the help of marking the points of the appropriate size.

Because basic patterns are so precise, the pattern development process is greatly reduced, requires fewer repairs, and saves a tremendous amount of time.

Today more and more model makers, graduated from the best schools and with years of experience in facing the challenges of modeling, are abandoning the classic drawing methods in favor of the Sitam method, for the enormous benefits and great success of the method.

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