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Do you want to become a pattern maker by following the course from home?

The Sitam Fashion Institute offers you a basic online pattern making course!

The course will allow you to design patterns for all sizes and all ages according to your creations.

The Sitam method is very simple, accurate and fast. The main idea of 鈥嬧媡he method is to draw precise paper patterns in a short time using the patented Sitam template.

After registering you will receive the didactic book, the patented Sitam template , the videos that follow the book's lessons and the assistance during the course through whatsapp which is guaranteed.

Furthermore, you will be able to photograph and send us the patterns that you will draw which will be examined by our staff who will give you the indications to correct them.

Our online course::


Basic online pattern making course

Discover the passion for sewing and renew your love for it, by learning about the Sitam method and putting an end to the tedious  preparation of patterns and grading. 

The innovative Sitam course allows you to learn how to make patterns remotely with the help of the recorded lessons, the book and the patented Sitam template.

If you send photos of all the correct patterns required by the course program, you will be entitled to receive the certificate of attendance of the basic pattern making course.

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The kit includes:
Sitam patent template 鈥 Instruction book 鈥 Username and password that allows viewing the instructional videos that appear on the website

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The signups to the online courses will receive the amazing kit and my guidance

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Is it true that learning our method is simple?

The method is very simple and the video lessons from the moment of registration are open indefinitely, so you will be able to see the lessons repeatedly during your free time.

It's that easy! Once you have learned the method, its application will save you a lot of time in designing patterns, so you can make more projects and earn more.

Many professionals, designers of wedding dresses, evening wear, children's wear and in general many in the fashion industry use the Sitam method.

We know that every woman has her own body structure and there is no model that can adapt to all proportions. The Sitam method allows you to design the pattern precisely according to the necessary measurements.

Do you want to make precise patterns that do not need further alterations that would require more time and patience?

Why not have fun sewing a piece of clothing for your mom, daughter or aunt in whatever size she is.

Do you want to be a pro?

Don't you think you deserve the best?

If you like our program and want to get more information about the Sitam method and online course, feel free to leave your details and we will contact you for a consultation.

Make your dream come true!

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