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Basic online pattern making course- Lessons list


Lessons listList of lessons

taking measurments

Basic Bodies

Four-pannelled skirt

Eight-pannelled skirt

Classic skirt

Skirt with central pleat

Skirt with one dart

Wrap-over skirt

Half-wheel skirt

Wheel skirt

Fancy-pleated skirt

Trouser skirt

Basic Sleeve

Prominent stomach

Prominent bottom

Narrow hips

Flat stomach and strong legs

Prominent hips

Sleeve with dart on the cuff

Sleeve with cuff

Sleeve with dart on the elbow

Sleeve very frilled on the top

Fancy sleeve

Casual sleeve

Round-yoked blouse

Square-yoked blouse

Austrian-type pure-wool JACKET

Blouse with short kimono sleeve

Blouse with long kimono sleeve

Development of bodice with dart

Dart under the armpit

Dart on the collar

Dart on the waist

Dart on the armhole

Round shoulders

Hollow back

High shoulders and short neck

Low shoulders and long neck

Prominent shoulder blades


Cardigan with pocket

Double-breasted waistcoat

Classic shirt

Shirt with hidden fastening

Unlined jacket with short kimono sleeve

Lightly lifted round collarr

Sailor collar

Fancy collar

Jabot collar

Mens collar

Rever collar

American collar

Shifted collar

Classic trousers

Trousers with pleats

Casual trousers

Bermuda shorts with front panel

Sporting overalls

Frock coat

Kimono dress

Close-fitting hood

Hood with band

Maternity dress

Maternity suit

Little shirts

Babys smock

Babys smock sleeve



Overalls for little girl

English shorts


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