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About SITAM  
  E-learning Sitam: the method to learn fashion, cutting and sewing in a simple, fast and precise way.

SITAM borns in 1946, year when Padovani family, already known for its tradition in tailoring matter, improves a particolar tool of work, the SITAM square (DIMA), which allows to anyone, shortly, to certainty cut on fabric every type of clothing.

Ever since the school had a great success: thanks to SITAM lots of students had received, and keep receiving, a suitable preparation for the engagement in the fashion world and in the high fashion tailoring.

In this matter the Sitam Management care is constant in didactical textes improvement, thanks to the high qualification of the teaching staff.

SITAM professional courses satisfy every student requirement, from those who search for a basic tailoring training to those who search for the improvement through high specialized courses as pattern - maker, industrial growth size and dress designer.

SITAM is on hand to school and professional institute for stage organization and technical deepening.

2009 - the last project of Sitam: E-learning to learn fashion, cutting and sewing through your computer.

The Institute Sitam provides all that’s required, the book and the square frame, to learn our method.

You can also use our site to see live lessons on how to use the frame and design all the patterns in the course .

E-learning: the new way to learn fashion at home at your leisure.

Sitam, the Italian school of fashion continually advancing since 1946, has adopted E-learning via internet, getting anywhere in the world enabling to teach fashion, cutting and sewing in a fast, accurate and easy way to understand.

The Sitam method, well known throughout the world, allows you the ability to learn, with no previous experience, from 12 year olds onwards , creating your own designs.

You just need the desire and a sewing machine!

The SITAM Management
  The Sitam bulding in Padova
  Letizia at Sitam's main branch in Padova
  The Sitam's square